Map Out And Align All Your Communications

Channel Map

The Channel Map template lists and analyses the effectiveness of how your company reaches its target audience and through which communication channels.

Each column helps identify opportunities to optimize customer touchpoints with your brand and build a more cohesive experience. Approaching planning with this holistic view can help you build customer trust and improve profits.

Communications Plan

The Communications Plan template is used to plan effective messages to teams, customers, and other participants, at the right time with the right information.

The plan is broken down into six columns - five questions:

  • Who? Target audience - identify to whom the message is delivered.
  • What? Objective - outline the desired effect or preferred outcome the message aims to achieve.
  • Why? Positioning - think conceptually about why your message is important and why now.
  • How?
    • Message content - define the level of detail and what information the message needs to include.
    • Format and distribution - plan the structure and logistics of implementing the message.
  • When? Frequency - set a cadence for touchpoints and any repeated messages.

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