Plan Your Project Effectively to Maximize Productivity 💪

Before you begin a project, you must establish the framework surrounding it. Building this foundation sets you up for project success while meeting deadlines and being productive with costs!

Project Charter

3, 2, 1 - GO! It’s essential to outline all possible details of your project when it’s in the planning stage. A project charter acts as a high-level overview, where you capture its purpose, goals, and key deliverables.

You and your team must determine your project’s goals, budget, potential setbacks, deliverables, and timeline. Outlining these complexities assists you in successfully pitching your project to key stakeholders!

Project Kickoff

Establish your project’s objective, scope, tools, additional planning, and timeline to visualize what’s next. Project Kickoff is a critical tool for transparency on project objectives, team expectations, and overall communication encompassing the project.

This template keeps your team in sync on your project objectives and clarifies any lingering questions needed to begin.

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