Fast-Track Your Mobile Prototypes With These Wireframes

App Wireframe

Prototyping how your app will operate helps all stakeholders better understand the overall user experience created in your mobile application. The App Wireframe template will help you design an effective first-round prototype that can be quickly iterated on.

When building your wireframe, consider the following factors:

  1. Outline your mobile app’s flow in a list. How do you want your app to act? What goal(s) do you wish for this app to accomplish?

  2. Utilize the components in the template (i.e., button, avatar, text, etc.) and place them in the mobile sketch. Carefully consider how you want each piece to interact with the other within the mobile app.

  3. Replace the placeholder components with your customized content as it applies to your mobile app’s interface. For example: What is your call-to-action in each button? What graphic or video will you place in the image box?

  4. Use connectors :add_connecting_line: to link each frame together. For example: What interface do you want the user to experience after clicking a button?

Screen Flow

Whether you’re a UX designer or leading a creative team, building a screen flow of how you wish others to interact with your app elevates its user experience.

A screen flow template combines a wireframe and flow chart, visualizing the components and information of your mobile app in a multi-screen layout.

Once you’ve selected the screen flow template, consider the following steps:

  1. Implement your user story into each mobile sketch using the components (i.e., buttons, icons, etc.) provided.

  2. Determine how your screen will flow - whether it’s a landing page, sign-up form, or service app.

  3. Use connectors :add_connecting_line: to connect each screen based on how you’d like the user to engage with your product or service.

Don’t forget to share your workspace to bring all stakeholders together to review your latest draft. :slight_smile:

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