Fast-Track Your Design Thinking and Process with a Design Sprint 💨

Design Sprint

The Design Sprint template allows your team to collaborate through the design process internally or with customers and consultants. Each can validate ideas while solving challenges through prototyping and testing.

Through this template, you’re able to define:

  • An overview of the sprint from beginning to end

  • The team involved (and your roles)


The pre-sprint stage is where you’re able to define the project background, its long-term goals, and challenges prior to beginning your design.


The discover stage is where you build the persona of who you want your design to reach. This includes the member story and journey map in how you want your audience to react when seeing your design.

Sketch and Decide

Your design project will come to life in the sketch stage where you and your team post ideas in notecards and sketch design ideas. Then decide which sketch works best and move to the decide stage.

In the decide stage, present the finalized design ideas and define the strengths/weaknesses of each. After presenting, vote for the best design idea to prototype.


Place your prototype in the prototype stage of the design sprint prior to member testing.

Test and Post-Sprint

In the test stage, conduct member testing for design feedback on what worked, what didn’t, what is unanswered, and new ideas. You can then evaluate this feedback and decide what to deliver in the post-sprint stage.

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