[WEBINAR] Build in Bluescape Live Session: Manage Projects Like a Master 🤩, June 22, 2022

So, you and your team have brainstormed your project’s next deliverables. Now, how can you put those creative ideas into action?

On June 22nd, the Community Team hosted “Manage,” the final live session of our three-part Build in Bluescape series. We explored how to effectively keep track and meet critical milestones to set ourselves up for project success through a collaborative workspace. Check out the recording below!

Build in Bluescape: Manage

In this session, we laid out a framework for managing the completion of MARShmellow, our beloved out-of-world friend for “Project Mars.”:ringer_planet: Planned and built in a workspace, this session started with narrowing the project scope and ended with completing a retrospective.

Wish to see our Build in Bluescape workspace? Check it out.

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