Error when downgrading members to visitors

I believe I may be encountering a bug. I’m and admin, and I’ve made several attempts to downgrade some users from “member” to “visitor” and I’m receiving this error message:
“An Error Occurred
Click here to reload this page”

When I click to reload, the users config page refreshes and the role of the member remains the same.

Hi, @Amy_M! Thanks for reaching out. I’ve messaged our @support-team so they can assist in resolving the issue. We will get this figured out as soon as possible.

@Amy_M We would like to rule out a local issue would it be possible to have another Admin or the Owner of the Org try if they are able to change the user’s permissions? We would like to see if they get the same error or not.

Hi Kat, sure thing I can do that first. Will follow up.

Hi Kat,

Just circling up on this.

  1. I had another admin as well as the account owner try to reassign a couple of members as ‘visitors’ and they also received the same error message. We have a “legacy” account, not sure if that is a factor?

  2. I am working to reduce the count of users, and also have 5 “visitors with editing” permissions who are taking up member seats. I couldn’t find information on how to change their status, so I wanted to take this opportunity to inquire about that too.

Thanks so much!

@Amy_M We want to get some additional details. We will open a support case and follow up with you by email.

@Kat_G - I am an admin on another account and I’m having this exact issue. When I try to change a user from Member to Visitor I receive the error mentioned.

Hi @rsansonmosier,

Has another admin or owner on the account tried changing the permissions? Are they receiving the same message as well? Thank you.

No. Were you able to resolve this for the other person and do you know what the solution was?

Thanks for confirming. We are actively working to connect with a member of the @support-team. We appreciate your patience. :slight_smile:

Hello @rsansonmosier, this is Greg from Customer Support.

We are still currently investigating the cause of this issue and have not identified a solution at this time.

We will open new a support case and track this issue.


If you are running into this issue, you likely have users in your organization that display in your admin console as “visitors with editing” permissions. This means that their user role was set to “Visitor”, while their workspace role was set to “Editor”.

To correct the issue, remove the user’s “Editor” permissions in individual workspaces. Then attempt to downgrade members to visitors.

For more information on changing a collaborator’s workspace role see:

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