Admin unable to add/delete a user

I have a user who was invited by another member as a Visitor, but I need to make her a Member. The admin center is showing her as ‘Invited’. She has not yet created a login.

If I try to add her as a Member, it says i cannot because she is already a member of this organization.

But if I attempt to delete her, I get an error message saying, “The Owner does not exist in this organization.”

There is not option that I can find for me to change her from Visitor to Member because it thinks she doesn’t exist.

?? How do I add her as a Member?

Hi @Sarah_Lubeck. Thank you for reaching out!

I’ve informed our @support-team of what you are experiencing when attempting to upgrade/delete members of your org. They will be in touch with any follow-up questions. Thank you very much for your patience.

@Sarah_Lubeck When reviewing the Orgs you are a part of all the Orgs have owners assigned. We want to rule out a local issue. Would it be possible to provide the steps you are taking to delete the user?

Additionally, can we have a different “Admin” to see if they are able to remove the user? This will rule out a local issue.

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