Adding a Timer to Your Workspace

Set time-bound visual and audible alerts in a workspace with timers. Public timers can be visible to everyone in the workspace, or you can set personal timers. The timer’s countdown displays at the top of your workspace, keeping collaborators on track during group brainstorming sessions, workshops, and other time-bound tasks.

Adding a timer to a workspace

  1. Select :add_content: (Add content) from the workspace toolbar.

  2. Select :timer: (Timer).

  3. The Timer window opens. Set your preferred timer duration, adjusting minutes and seconds.

  4. The Audio alert toggle is on by default, meaning the timer produces an audible chime when the time is up. You can turn off the audio alert by toggling off the feature.

  5. The Public toggle is on by default, meaning the timer is visible to everyone in the workspace. Members with an Editor workspace role can adjust the timer.
    You can hide the timer by clicking the toggle to the left “off” position. Once set, this timer appears as a personal timer.

  6. Select Start timer when you’re ready.

  7. The timer appears at the top left of the workspace.
    Active timer
    The timer counts down from your set length of time. When it reaches the end, the timer turns blue and produces an audible chime (if enabled). The timer disappears once a minute has elapsed after its end.
    Note: A timer continues to run even if you leave the workspace.
    To remove the timer immediately, click the timer, then click End. You can also click Restart to set the same timer again.
    Timer that has ended
    Note: You can set up to 2 timers in a workspace to display at one time, a Public timer and a Personal timer. If both are activated, two different-colored timers appear at the top left of your workspace.
    Public and personal timers

Editing a Timer

You may edit a Timer once the countdown has begun.

To edit a Timer:

  1. Select the Timer at the top of the workspace. The timer’s tray appears.
    Timer controls

  2. Select Pause to temporarily pause the timer.

  3. Select Restart to set the same timer again.

  4. Select +1 minute or +5 minutes to add more minutes to the timer.

  5. Select End to cancel the timer.

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