Recording a Meeting

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This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape members and may not apply to all Organizations. If you’re unsure whether your organization has any of these features, please reach out to your IT department.

Recording a Meeting

All participants can record the audio of a Bluescape meeting. You can use it as a reference after a meeting or provide it to invitees who could not attend. After the meeting has ended, the meeting recording is saved as an .mp4 file in a workspace.

Note: The recording does not display video feed or screen share; it only captures audio.

To record a meeting:

  1. Click :more_options: More options at the top-right of the meeting panel.
  2. A context menu opens. Select Record meeting.

Note: When you start a meeting from Bluescape Home for the first time and belong to multiple Bluescape Organizations, you receive a prompt asking you to select which Organization you want to contain the meeting recording from a dropdown menu.

  1. All participants are asked to give their consent to be recorded. If they do not consent, they automatically exit the meeting. For participants within Bluescape, the following pop-up message displays:

Participants on the phone receive a voice notification.

  1. A red dot appears at the top of the meeting panel to indicate that the meeting is recording and remains until you end the recording.
  2. To end the recording, click the red dot icon.
  3. A context menu opens. Click the End recording option.
  4. A dialogue box appears. Click Confirm to End Meeting Recording.

You can also end the meeting to stop recording.

When the meeting is finished, a notification e-mail is sent to the participant who initiated the recording.
Screen Recording

In addition, an .mp4 file of the meeting recording is created. If the meeting occurs from within a workspace, the recording is saved to a canvas within that workspace.

If the meeting occurs from Bluescape Home, the recording is saved as a canvas in the Meeting Recordings workspace. Bluescape automatically generates this workspace in the Organization that you specified.
Meeting Recordings workspace

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