Joining a Bluescape Meeting as a Guest

Support Note
This topic may not be relevant to all Bluescape members and may not apply to all Teams. If you’re unsure whether your Team has any of these features, please contact your IT department.

If you are a non-member of Bluescape, joining a meeting as a guest is a quick and straightforward process. You can receive a meeting invitation from your meeting organizer in two ways:

  1. Joining an ad-hoc meeting

  2. Joining a scheduled meeting

Joining a Meeting as a Guest

  1. As a guest, click the meeting link provided by the host.
    Click here to join the meeting

  2. A Join meeting dialog box appears. Enter the name you would like to have to appear on the screen during the meeting and select Join as Guest.
    Join meeting as a guest

    A Waiting to be admitted message appears below your user information.

    Note: You may also sign on as a member if you are a Bluescape member.

  3. The host receives a notification in the lower right of their screen indicating a guest is in the Waiting room. The host must select the Waiting room to view any members or guests waiting to join.

  4. The Waiting room appears for the host. Select Admit to let guests into your meeting.

Joining a meeting using the Safari browser

Attendees can use the Safari browser to join and participate in Webex meetings. Note only the front-facing camera is currently supported for this option.

During the Meeting

Once you select Join call, you’ll notice the meeting features two tabs:

  • Bluescape Meeting
  • Meeting Workspace

The Bluescape Meeting tab opens by default and displays all participants in a grid view.

Note: Bluescape supports a speaker view so you can see who is talking at any moment during the meeting. When a participant is talking, their initials or camera displays above other participants.

The Meeting Workspace tab provides an automatically generated single-click workspace for instant collaboration in the meeting. Any attendee can interact with the workspace in this tab.

Raise Hand

Any meeting participant, including the host, can raise or lower their hand. This feature allows the presenter to acknowledge questions, comments, and feedback.

Participants who use the Raise Hand feature automatically move to the top of the meeting group so that the presenter can call on them to provide feedback. The participant’s hand lowers automatically after three seconds of speaking. The host may also lower a raised hand as required.

To use the Raise Hand feature:

  1. Join a Bluescape meeting.
  2. Look for your name in the Participants list.
  3. Select :more_options: More Options next to your name.
  4. Select Raise hand.
    raise hand

After the Meeting

When the meeting is finished, the meeting organizer will receive an email to claim and save the workspace.

Note: The type of meeting workspace (an existing or scratch workspace) will depend on where the organizer generates the meeting invitation.

Now, go try it in your workspace! :bluescape_home: