Video recording

These tips are helpful: however, for us to move out of Microsoft Teams, we would need video to be supported. I don’t imagine too many applications for audio only playback for meetings. The transcript might be helpful to supplement a board, but I still think the default would be to record a video meeting in another application. I love the move to keep references and notes all within Bluescape, so I’d love to be able to direct record those video meetings. Thanks!

Hi @Kate_Hupp - Thanks for sharing. Video recording is valuable, especially for those who need to review the previous meeting’s conversation or a presentation they missed. We will make sure our product team is aware of the feedback you’ve shared.

I did move your comment to the Give Feedback category in our community because I thought your feedback may resinate with other members who would want to up-vote it. :slight_smile:

While it would be a nice feature for certain types of sessions, but I don’t see anything supplanting Teams as the use case is too narrow. I also feel as through the audio on it’s own is not of value, but if audio could somehow be captured and overlaid with a live scrubbing of the actions within Bluescape (almost acting as a vocal play-by-play) it would be interesting to think of how that could impact asynchronous collaboration. I’m imagining being able to comment or add content at certain moments through a re-watch. Those actions/comments, in context of when they were being made, may be more helpful or insightful to others collaborating/reviewing later on. It could also make for interesting rethinking/what if scenario development…

Or maybe it’s me trying to manifest a sci-fi movie into real life…

That’s an interesting thought. It sounds like you are proposing a feature that - alongside the audio recording - is a transcript of the audio combined with (in effect) our Workspace Activity Feed feature. Does that correct, @Yoel_Berznoger?

@michellefs …I suppose it could be. I don’t know enough about how the activity feed captures ongoing changes. I know that often in collaborating with tools like this, we can spend a lot of time navigating from spot to spot in the space and discussing what we are seeing before performing an action that would be documented. So in some ways, being able to record, like a Teams call, where I could watch the recording of a collaboration that I was not present for, would give me the sense of having been in the session. Adding notes along the way as a means of asynchronous collaboration could be powerful.

Though the more I describe this, the more sci-fi it sounds (if you watch Loki… I’m sort of suggesting Branch Timelines… IYKYK)