Browser Requirements

Bluescape recommends using the latest versions of:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge with Chromium

Bluescape tests the two most recent versions of these browsers. While other popular browsers might work, they have not been tested.

Your browser must support WebGL and HTTPS to run Bluescape. To confirm you have WebGL support, review the WebGL Report.

Bluescape Meeting videoconferencing service requires WebRTC support. Currently, it is available via the Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge with Chromium, and Opera browsers.

When using an iPad, Bluescape recommends the Safari browser. You can access the full range of the Web product functionality to include the ability to draw, add text and notecards, and navigate workspaces. Learn more about the workspace functionality here.

You also can use the Safari browser to join and participate in Webex meetings. When joining a meeting with video, only the front-facing camera is currently supported.

Note: Pressing the tab key does not function properly for those who join or reload a workspace using a Safari browser. The focus remains on the browser address bar by default. Members can escape the address bar and access the workspace after selecting the Press Tab to highlight each item on a webpage checkbox. This is accessible via Safari>Preferences>Advanced (tab).

This checkbox selection only allows members to access the following hotlinks:

  • Skip to Toolbar
  • Skip to Search
  • Skip to Collaborators

Each hotlink is visible at the top center of the workspace. If members continue to press the Enter or Tab key, their workspace location is not visually evident. This is a known browser issue, as Safari does not support tab navigation.

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