File Types and Uploads


The workspace is a central repository for storing, reviewing, and updating project content. The largest file or image you can upload is defined by a byte limit, a page limit, and a megapixel limit. Establishing limits improves workspace performance. The general limits per file are as follows:

  • 50 MB for images
  • 125 megapixels (MP)
  • 1 GB for documents

The tables below provide insight specific to file extensions and limits.

For Images

For Images (GIF)

For Microsoft Files, PDFs, and Videos

*These files are loaded in the workspace via the Bluescape Document Viewer.

Image Rendering on a Wall

Any image larger than 12 megapixels on a Wall workspace might be downscaled to maximize workspace memory. Similarly, if the sum of all images exceeds 3 gigapixels, the quality might be downscaled to maximize workspace memory. (3 gigapixels is equivalent to approximately 250 photos captured on an iPhone.)

Note: When you download an image from the workspace, the original quality remains intact – even if the image quality is downscaled when displayed on the Wall.

Website Limitations

Wall Client

On the Wall client, browsers have the following limitations:

  • Cookies are only stored while the session is active. When the workspace is inactive/closed, all cookies are deleted.
  • No browser history is maintained.
  • Pop-ups are not supported.

Web Client

Due to limitations on running a browser within a browser, many external sites are not navigable within the Web client – though they are on a Wall client. Navigable sites must support both HTTPS and iFrames.

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