What is a Bluescape Team?

What is a Bluescape team?

A Bluescape team is a unique instance of Bluescape in which your workspace(s) can be created and shared with your other Team members.

Typically, a team is a specific business unit, such as a Marketing team, rather than an entire company. This helps with keeping members and workspaces within your company organized.

Where does a team fit in?

Bluescape Teams are one component in a multi-tenant instance. There are variations in Bluescape environments available to customers. The Bluescape Architecture outlines these varied services.

Who works within a team?

Learn more about what Workspace Roles apply to which Bluescape Team members.

Related Questions

  • How do I manage my team?
    Team owners and admins have additional tools for changing team settings quickly and easily. Learn about Administrative Functionality in Bluescape Home.

  • Can I be a member of multiple teams?
    Yes. Each team you create would be best served if they intended to operate in isolation from one another. Some large companies use separate Bluescape teams for massive departments or projects, for which our Enterprise plan is well suited. Many SMEs (small-medium enterprises) find it easier to keep all departments under one team, for which our Business plan is well suited. Learn which Bluescape Plan best meets your needs.

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