Need Pin added to lines, or Dashed border to boxes

I want the ability to pin lines, or dash the box borders. I create grids that are not equal cell size, so smart grid wont work. Under the current line settings, lines cannot be locked in place.



Hey there, @eric-holt-DU. Dashed canvas borders - that’s an interesting idea… :thinking: :smiley:
I’d love to understand what you’re using these non-equal-sized cells for. Do you have a screenshot you could show as an example, or are you able to describe the scenario where you’d like to see these features adapted?

I am working thorugh a 2 year plan. The dshed lines are to help denote the DU Quarter “swim lanes”. I have many of the items pinned when its a non-moveable. Because the lines cannot be pinned, they get accidently moved around when i am moving other items. I have tried using canvas boxes within the canvas, but then items get locked to the second canvas. Any suggestions to create vertical swimlanes that cannot be moved?

I agree the vertical division would be very helpful in visually dividing the large amount of content that you are organizing.

Having just taken a look at the Bluescape Kanban Swimlanes template in comparison to your current workspace layout, my suggestion would be, instead of using lines or a canvas, to use a shape/box as the divider for each quarter.

Then you have the option to Attach notecards to that background box when you want to stay within that time span while remaining flexible to change/move the notecard around. And, of course, when you don’t want the notecard to move around, you can pin it in place.
If you give it a try, please let me know if it works well for what you need. :+1:

Yep. That was the best solution. I still think a PIN function on all entities that don’t have it now (lines & pen) would be a great help.



Glad we were able to come up with an immediate solution. You’ll be happy to know that this is a capability our team is currently reviewing, as we’ve received this feedback before: Ability to Pin Lines
:pleading_face: :pin: :line:

@eric-holt-DU We are happy to share that in our September release 23.09.1, which was delivered last night, you can now pin lines and add dashed borders to shapes. We hope this update improves your workspace building.