Request New Feature: Pin Attached Objects

Hi Bluescape -

I’d like to request that a ‘Pin’ can be applied to an attached object. However - instead of pinning to the workspace background grid, it instead pins to the attached object.

This is useful for when attempting to create a multi-shape object that needs to behave as one solid “grouping.”

Right now, it is too easy for a user to click into an attached object, and accidentally pull the object out of the attachment group without realizing that they have done so. This can lead to user confusion and improper or unintended use of the attached object group.

Please consider adding an ability to make attached child objects accidentally un-selectable by users.


Thanks for your request, @Nate. I’ve moved your topic to the Give Feedback category so other community members can view and vote on it.

I can see how it may become frustrating when an object accidentally detaches or is selected and moved from it’s desired attachment location. Your suggestion to add the ability to pin a child object within the attachment can certainly help avoid this.

We’ve had other members comment on improvements for the attachment feature and are noting each experience. I’ve submitted your request to our product team to consider. :+1:

I’ll keep you posted on the status of your feature request once there are updates/decisions made.


Thanks Kristen - this might speak to a new approach all together… the ability to properly group objects as “one thing” instead of keeping them all separate after the merging. Power Point has a “group” option that once it is used, the individual components aren’t accessible (or selectable) until the objects have been “ungrouped”… something like that.

Thanks for the follow up - as always!!


Thanks Nate! We have had other users and internal members request a similar “grouping” feature.

The positive news is that this type of feature is on our product team’s radar and there have been internal discussion around it. While we don’t have a clear timeline at the moment, the more users request this feature or vote for this behaviour, the greater the push for the team to prioritize the project. :+1: