Attaching Items without dragging

When attaching items, instead of having to drag one over another and messing up the placement, can both items be highlighted and then attached, preserving their placement relative to each other?

Attach, in my mind, applies to objects touching - almost like attaching a sticky note to a page in a textbook. Could you provide a screenshot showing an example of how you intend to use it?

My first thought would be to use the :pin: (Pin) functionality. Does that solve for your intended use case?

Attach works when objects/assets touch. What if objects/assets don’t touch - Like a label text label and website link?

An object group feature like group in PowerPoint.

Pin works to lock the objects/assets for me to the canvas, but wont let me move them together around the canvas.

Hi @eric-holt-DU, this is a great idea. The good news is that we’re already working on improvements which align with your suggestion. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements throughout the course of our upcoming release cycles!


Any idea when a group objects feature will be rolled out? I could really use it right now. I have a house plan library workspace. It has multiple assets of floor plans, front elevations, and a text description box. I want to group them into groups of three assets (floor plans, front elevations, and a text description box), so they move together as one. (See Pic)

Attached works only if they are piled on top of each other. I want them arranged together but not touching.

A work around is to to create a smaller canvas inside a larger canvas, for each grouping of assets, but it’s not as easy, efficient , or usable as a group function.



I agree, @eric-holt-DU, there is definitely room for growth here. Our product team is working to find the best solution for scenarios like this and doesn’t want to rush to roll out something.

As a community member, you’ll be among the first to know when we’ve solved this. In the meantime, you’re on point - nested canvases are a way to accomplish this.

Like keeping a tidy workspace?

BluePro Tip: You can use invisible canvases to group objects in your workspace. Just set any background color to 0% opacity and remove the border. To make them easier to find, name them so you can search for them in your workspace. Note: Canvas titles also appear when you hover over their edge, so long as they are not behind another (larger) canvas.

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