My workspace is slow/sluggish when resizing and moving contents

When I try to move anything, files, canvas, etc. it’s moving super slowly. Sometimes when I try to move an image it will not move the image or it acts like the image is being moved but pops up where it was originally found. Anyone else having the same issue?

Unfortunately this is due to positioning asset guides. It identifies similarly sized spaces elsewhere in the workspace to help you space things consistently. It is showing you a suggested space, and where that space came from, resulting in a performance bottleneck.

A recommended workaround is for you to change the Snap to option under workspace settings to None.

How to Change Snap to Under Workspace Settings to None as a Workaround

  1. Navigate to the Workspace in question.
  2. Click Workspace Settings …
  3. Change Snap to, to None

Alternative Troubleshooting Steps if the Issue Persists After Setting Snap to = None

  • Verify “Use Hardware Acceleration when available” is enabled in the Web browser:

    1. Launch Google Chrome.
    2. Click " Menu " > " Settings ".
    3. Scroll down and select " Advanced ".
    4. Scroll the " System " section, toggle " Use Hardware Acceleration when available " to on
  • Minimize the amount of open Web browser tabs and background applications.

  • Attempt to reproduce the issue using an Incognito window:

    1. Launch Google Chrome.
    2. Press Ctrl + Shift + n on the keyboard to open an incognito window.
  • Perform a Speedtest on the affected user’s network:

    1. Navigate to the Website Cloudflare Speed Test
    2. Upon navigating to the above website, the user’s Download, Upload, & Latency measurements will be displayed after the test is complete.
    3. Compare with the Bluescape Network Connectivity Requirement.
  • Confirm if multiple workspaces and users are affected.

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