Network Connectivity Requirements

Ensuring that you have good bandwidth to support Bluescape’s network connectivity requirements is important. Let’s walk through the connectivity requirements below.

Bluescape Service Cloud Infrastructure

The Bluescape Wall, Web, and Mobile clients require the following Outbound connections (HTTPS/SSL/TLS) :

  • Port 443 on * (any server in the domain)
  • Port 443 on * (any server in the domain)
  • Port 443 on * (any server in the domain)
  • Port 443 on (any server in the domain)
  • Port 443 on

Bluescape Enterprise Wall Client

The Bluescape Wall client additionally requires the following:

Outbound connections for HTTPS/SSL/TLS to port 443 on (for Linux controllers only)

Network Bandwidth

When you access a workspace in Bluescape, your device makes use of available network bandwidth (for example, between 5–15 Mbps) for up to a minute. Workspaces load faster on faster internet connections. Bluescape requires less than 10 Kbps on an ongoing basis, except when the workspace itself is updating.

Bandwidth usage depends on the nature of the workspace content. For example, large-resolution images require more bandwidth to load. A workspace with embedded browsers that dynamically download content, such as streaming audio and video, requires more ongoing network bandwidth.

Proxy Support

The Web client uses your PC/Mac system’s enterprise HTTP proxy server that allows most outbound connections (that is, that allows all connections other than specific blocked servers).

The Web and Wall clients on Windows automatically use your corporate HTTP proxy server as configured at the OS level. The Bluescape Wall client on Linux can be configured to use your corporate HTTP proxy server, if requested.