Meeting Terminates Unexpectedly and Rejoin is Unsuccessful using the Bluescape Native Client

In Bluecscape, using the Bluescape Native Client, when you join a meeting via a workspace, the meeting terminates unexpectedly and you are unable to rejoin the meeting.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open a workspace with an ongoing meeting.
  2. On the meeting pop-up, select Join.
  3. After the meeting loads, select the workspace tab.

Expected result

The workspace loads and the meeting continues.

Observed result

  1. The workspace loads, then the screen goes black, and you are no longer in the meeting.
  2. Click Join on the meeting pop-up.
  3. You receive a notification that you are already on another call.

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This issue is resolved in the March 2023 (23.03.1) Bluescape release.