60 minute Meet limit for Bluescape Go - Question

I’m curious if a Bluescape Go user hit’s their 60 minute ‘meet’ limit if they are able to end the call, remain in the workspace and start a new meet for the next 60 minutes?


Hi @Evan_Bombard - I see this is your first time posting in the community - welcome! :smiley:

Great question. When a Bluescape Go member creates a meeting and surpasses the 60-minute time limit, they return to Bluescape Home. The meeting workspace is saved for them to re-visit to retrieve any content created during the meeting. :slight_smile:

If a Bluescape Go member would like to extend their meeting duration (and participants), they can upgrade their subscription for more features, including meeting duration. Members can learn more by visiting our pricing page.

Again, thanks for your contribution to the community!

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