Is there a way to turn off persistent overflow?

My team predominantly use Bluescape to collaborate using post its during research sessions and we find it quite frustrating now there seems to be no auto pt size option and the text cuts off. Having to click on hundreds of individual notes to view our captures and synthesise is frustrating. The overflow text also covers the other notes making it basically illegible. I’ve attached a ss of one of the issues. obviously these aren’t real notes but just wanted to add context :slight_smile:

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@oclark Thanks so much for bringing this up. You’ve certainly given us something to consider. Currently, what you see is the intended functionality. You bring up a good point, and your use case is valid. We’re going to have our development team look into your feedback as an enhancement for a forthcoming release. Please keep engaging with the Community! This is the easiest path back to our development teams and we highly value your input!

@Scott_Robinson I am just adding to what was already said, but please impress on the development team how very frustrating this is. My team also uses notecards to do a lot of our brainstorming and collaboration, and this text overflow has repeatedly slowed our sessions and momentum. Thank you!

I agree. Much time is being wasted formatting the font size on every note card. What happened to autoscale??

Hi @eric-holt-DU

In the last release we gave control to the user to define the text size they want to use within the boundary they want to use for shapes/notecards.

With that said, we have heard a lot of feedback about the change and the development team is working on a solution to bring back auto fit for text. We don’t have a timeline to share at this time, but note that there are multiple discussions to solve for the feedback we received.

Feel free to add your vote to this topic to help our teams prioritize feedback changes in the product.

Thanks for contributing your thoughts, we’re listening!

I agree – I liked using notecards as what you typed would always be scaled to fit. Now you have to constantly go in and adjust the font size if too much gets typed. Makes their use for brainstorming and in-class work more problematic. Why not have a choice for “automatic scaling”

Hi @pltkgvsu Great question! Our team is still working hard on a solution for autosizing on both notecards and shapes. Largely because of the votes and feedback we received on this topic.

@oclark @hmcm2022 @eric-holt-DU We do have good news for you all! We are happy to share the option to turn on auto text resizing is coming early in the new year. We will update you on this topic once the update is live in your workspace. :raised_hands:

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@oclark @hmcm2022 @eric-holt-DU @pltkgvsu Happy to share that the February '23 release supports an option to “Reduce to Fit”, to enable text resizing automatically.