Embedding the Bluescape App in Webex

Support Note
This app is currently in beta and requires a manual installation if you wish to leverage it immediately. Otherwise, we are working to have it available in the Webex App Hub soon.

Our Bluescape App is available in Webex. You can add and login to Bluescape workspaces from Webex Teams and Messaging. Below are the instructions to install our embedded app.

App Setup

  1. Create a new Embedded App from Webex Developer: New App
  2. Fill in the following requirements:
    • Where does your app work? - Select both Meeting and Messaging.
    • Embedded App Name - Name of your app as it will appear in Webex. Recommendation: Bluescape
    • Description - Meaningful description.
    • Tag Line - Meaningful tag line.
    • Icon - Meaningful icon.
    • Valid domains - bluescape.com
    • Start page URL - https://plugins.apps.us.bluescape.com/webex/
      Note: If you are configuring the app for a private instance, replace apps.us with the instance name.
  3. Click on the Add Embedded App button.

Webex Admin Approval

After clicking the Add Embedded App button, a Webex admin will need to approve the app from Webex Admin: Embedded Apps. Once approved, others in your organization can use the Bluescape app in Webex.

Where to Next?

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