Workspace Content Limits

Our team does a lot of teardown and photos, what is the space capacity within Bluescape as you collaborate within a workspace?
Is there anyway to get a notification of when a workspace might start hitting it’s threshold? Workspaces fill up pretty quick because we add a lot of large files.

There are no workspace limits.

That being said, you will start seeing performance issues at some time but that is not something we can quantify. More content means there is more to load when interacting with the workspace. It is an aggregate of the amount of content. 200 images + 200 videos will most likely have the same result as 350 images + 50 videos.


Hello @CollabWins
Though we have designed Bluescape in a way so that it can handle very large amount of content, it limits depends on many factors. Can you please tell us typically what kind limit you tend to see for your workflow? We can say from there, what would be a good target. It is also just Bluescape platform but also your target machine.