Limits to content copy

Need to be able to copy larger amount of content from one workspace to another.

When onboarding new federal partners, we want to create a workspace that has all basic collateral, slide decks, and several sample demos for that partner as we onboard them.

Because of the limits on content, one must port it over in several batches, and do so by “calibrated eyeball” to make sure that all content gets transferred.

Defense and intelligence customers will have far larger batches of content in the workspace than what we’re using for partner onboarding, so they will have a difficult time porting over content to new workspaces.

Hi @Norm_Litterini!

Thank you for your feedback and for contributing a fantastic idea to the community. Yes - currently, you can group select + copy up to 250 assets from a workspace. Ctrl+C (Windows) or Command+C (Mac) is a quick shortcut to perform the copy action.

I will pass your feedback about expanding the group copying asset limit to our product team. We love to hear your ideas on how we can make the product better overall. :slight_smile:


I couldn’t get it to work from the native app like that. It would only bring it over in batches. I got an error message saying it was too large.



Hi @Norm_Litterini. Thank you for your quick reply!

Just a couple questions to clarify:

  1. How are you copying assets from the workspace prior to pasting them another workspace (if you are unable to perform the keyboard shortcut in my previous reply)?

  2. May you please provide a screenshot of the error message you’re receiving? Is it showing up regardless of group selecting under ~250 assets?

I used the keyboard controls, but I got an error message saying it needed to be less than 250 items.

Unfortunately I don’t have a screenshot, but will make sure I do so for future tickets.


Thank you for your reply, @Norm_Litterini. I will continue pass your feedback along to the product team about expanding the group select asset limit in the workspace. :slight_smile:

Again, thanks so much for contributing to the community!

I have a situation like that and I duplicate the workspace and delete out what I don’t want. That way the assets stay where I want them. Would that work for you?

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Not really, since what I’m doing is porting over new demos into the workspaces I share with our growing number of partner companies.