When uploading a sequence of images into the workspace, the images upload out of order

Steps to reproduce

  1. Click the Upload icon
  2. Select a sequence of images
  3. Upload to workspace
  4. Select preferred number of columns and rows and click “place”

The first image is almost always at the end, and sometimes some are out of order in the middle. This is troublesome because media & entertainment companies often work with sequences of images and it is important that they remain in order when uploading to the workspace.

How can I get the uploaded sequences to be rendered in the same order as they appear when selected from the file explorer?

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Hi @Maria_Roth,

Thank you for reaching out using the Community. The order is not always guaranteed for multiple file selections. The Web client received file order is not always the user-selected file order. This varies on Operating Systems & which Web browser is being used. This scenario has been noted to occur more frequently on the Windows operating system and occurs randomly, often intermittently.

A Product feedback feature enhancement request has been submitted to request the ability to sort which order the content is uploaded in the grid & layout menu during upload. As a workaround, users may need to attempt to re-upload the content to capture the desired order.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any further questions.


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The Bulk Upload Ordering issue has improved in the product. Users can now upload content from the Add Content menu on the workspace toolbar and the files will be placed in a workspace in the order that they are sorted on your operating system.

For more information about the update check out this topic:

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Hi Team,

I’m happy to see the Bulk Upload Ordering Improvements! I’m curious if we are considering applying this functionality to the drag and drop method for adding content in the future? I know this would be greatly appreciated for content heavy workflows within the Media & Entertainment space.


Your above request has been explored in the original request for this feature update. When using the drag and drop method, unfortunately the order in which files are placed in a workspace depends on the operating system you use. When using the drag and drop method on a Mac, the sort order should be respected, however it doesn’t function the same on a Windows OS.

We advise users not to use the drag and drop method if you want to maintain the OS sorting order.

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