Still waiting on the password reset email


Not sure if you can help me- my Bluescape access is not working. I’ve requested a password reset but the email to reset the password hasn’t shown up in my in box.

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Welcome to the community, @mwahlen! Let’s get to the root of things. Could you please clarify:

  • How do you typically access Bluescape?
  • Did you create an account after saving a Popsync workspace?


I’m not sure if I’m answering your question but I access Bluescape via this link-

Have you gone through any steps to eliminate the possibility of browser issues? For example, have you tried clearing your browsers cache and cookies?

Are you able to help me reset my password? When I click on the link to update password I have not received the email to change my password.

Hello @mwahlen,

It appears you are unable to reset your password as your email has never been successfully registered with Bluescape. Upon checking the system, you do not appear as an ‘Accepted visitor/member’ and have not completed the registration process. Please confirm that you have completed your registration with Bluescape. You should have received an email titled “You have been invited to join Bluescape, so jump right in!” containing a ‘Get Started’ registration link allowing you to set your first, last, and password. Please ensure you check all folders such as ‘Spam’, ‘Other’, etc.

Hi Cody,

Please note that I have the email that invited me to Bluescape and I set myself up on it after I received that email (which is why my email address and password selected at that time auto populates on the Bluescape site when I try logging in). BUT I am unable to log in as it says I have an invalid email address or password. When I click the button that says FORGOT PASSWORD, I should get an email that lets me reset the password but have not received that and I’ve tried several times. Please advise what I need to do as I do need Bluescape to do my job.

Thank you.


Hello @mwahlen,

I have started an internal support case to investigate this matter further. When time permits, please respond to the email that you should have received from

Best regards,

Hi Cody,

Since I’m a contractor I cannot easily add Zoom to my computer- can you do a meeting via Teams?

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Thank you very much for joining the support session this afternoon. We determined that the original invitation had expired as it was sent back in May and the registration process was never completed. After having the workspace shared an additional time and walking through the registration process, we confirmed that you are now appearing as an ‘Accepted’ visitor and have the ability to access the needed workspaces in question.

Have a great rest of your week!

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