Profile is lost and a new empty one was created, all updates were lost


I created an account yesterday and worked on a board for the whole afternoon and this morning. In the afternoon I tried logging in again and my password was not working. Unsure whether I’d maybe inserted the wrong password, I tried recovering it to no avail.
I then decided to try going through the creation of the account again since the recovery emails were not reaching my inbox and, by doing that, all my progress since yesterday was lost.

Is there any way to fix this? Why was I able to create a new account with an email already in use?

Welcome, @Chiara_Bluescape_Mar :wave:

Your workspace sounds excellent based on all the work you’ve put in. Let’s get you back on track so you can keep building. Would you please confirm how you created your account? Was it from our website, Popsync, or an invitation to your company’s Bluescape team?

Warm regards,

hi Stefanie!
I created my account through the website by clicking on “Try it now”

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Thanks for confirming. I am going to connect with some experts to recover your account. I’ll circle back when I have clear next steps. :smiley:

@Chiara_Bluescape_Mar I’ve connected with your customer success manager, @SarahHass, and she mentioned she’s speaking with you directly. It looks like this was a mixup in which Bluescape instance to use. I’m confident Sarah will take care of what you need.