Login help - forgot password email doesn't arrive

Hello – can you help me with my log in?

When I say, forgot password, it says it will send a link to my create new password and send to my email but it doesn’t arrive.

No one likes hitting roadblocks first thing in the morning. Hopefully, we can turn your day around quickly.

Before we dive in, @markhenderson2000, could you confirm a few things for me, please?

  1. First, have you recently been invited to Bluescape? If so, please confirm whether you have completed your account activation through the invitation email.
  2. If you have an active account, please check your Junk and Spam folders for a password reset email from notifications@us.bluescape.com.
  3. If you know you’ve created your account, try clearing your browser’s Cache and Cookies. Then request a password.

Please let us know if any of those steps gain you access. :smiling_face:

I was invited to join Bluescape. It won’t allow me to log in.

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Hey @markhenderson2000. We’ve seen a similar issue before - it turned out that the user’s initial Bluescape invitation had expired when they went to register/activate their account.

To understand whether you’re experiencing the same issue, can you tell me when were invited to join Bluescape? Did you activate your account as soon as you received the initial email invitation? Or did you wait a bit to register?

We’ve been in touch with our support team about your issue.

Hello – I still cannot log in.

I have tried my password and it doesn’t work. If I click on forgot password, it says to check my inbox – but nothing is there (I have checked the junk folder also).

Can you send me a new link to register my account?

Hi @markhenderson2000,

This is Cody from Bluescape support. You cannot reset your password, as your email has never been successfully registered with Bluescape. Upon checking the system, your email appears as an 'Invited Member’, and you have not completed the registration process. Would you mind sharing the date this invitation was sent? Can you please search for an email sent from notifications@us.bluescape.com titled “You have been invited to join Bluescape, so jump right in!” containing a ‘Get Started’ registration link allowing you to set your first, last, and password? Please ensure you check all folders such as ‘Spam’, ‘Other’, etc.

If you cannot locate the email or your invitation has expired, your organization owner or an organization admin has to resend the invitation from within the Configuration Center. Information on how an organization owner or admin can resend an invitation can be found in the Managing Members in the Configuration Center article.

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