Sort by - add last modified

Hi, can you add a sort by field for Date Last Modified? Thanks!

Hi @acdouglass. Thanks for your question :slight_smile:

To clarify, are you trying to sort your workspaces for “Date Last Modified” from Bluescape Home or sort the content in your workspace?

Hi Kristen, trying to sort from Bluescape home. Thanks!

Thanks for confirming @acdouglass!

If you’re in a Teams space, admins and team members can click on the :filter: (Filter) icon from Bluescape Home and use the Sort By “Last Modified” option to bring up workspaces that were most recently modified.

This topic has more information: Overview of Bluescape Home

If this does not achieve what you’re hoping to do, could you please provide more details or a use case for your request, and we will pass it along your feedback request to the product team. :slight_smile:

I may not have given you the right information. See screenshot below. I don’t see a date modified here when I am searching ina workspace… Thanks!

Ah I see! Thanks for sharing the image. I see you’re trying to sort the content within your workspace by date last modified.

We have some good news about your request. :raised_hands: An activity feed is on our roadmap to show chronological order of activities performed in a workspace. Please keep an eye out in product updates for when the new feature is released!

That sounds amazing, thanks so much!

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