Raise Hand Option for Meeting Attendees During Question Period

Hey! I’m a product manager and host many meetings to keep different teams on track and updated on the status of projects. At times, I host over 150-200 attendees in one meeting.

At the end of every meeting, I leave about 10-15 mins for a question period and as a host, it can be challenging to navigate this. I want to make sure all participant’s questions are answered and know who to follow up with after the meeting ends.

I’d like to request a “raise hand” meeting feature so that I can visually see who has a question during the meeting. :person_raising_hand:

This would give me more control as a host, and also minimize competing voices.

Hosting can get overwhelming so a visual cue like a “raised hand” icon could definitely help facilitate this.

Does anyone else agree? If you do, can you vote for this topic? :heavy_check_mark: