Requesting a meeting Maximize indicator for the new Bluescape Meet in a workspace

When minimizing MEET in a workspace there isn’t a clear indicator of how to maximize it again. When I hover over my name there isn’t a guide to say maximize, it just says my full name.

Hi @Mel! Once again, thanks so much for your feedback - it’s much appreciated. We have also passed this along to the Product Team as well.

I half-agree with @Mel. When you minimize the meeting and only see one person’s video or avatar/initials (the speaker), the only obvious interaction is to select it and see what happens. And it maximizes it again. That makes sense to me.

I noticed the blue outline when I hover over the minimized meeting isn’t always showing up. Also, an arrow cursor changing to a pointing finger is usually helpful. But Bluescape’s pan cursor and the typical pointing finger cursor are so similar; so without the blue hover outline, it’s less obvious you can select that image.