iPad and tab on computer often out of sync

The ipad app and the browser on my laptop often fall out of sync, with often one of the two lagging behind (e.g. one shows some more scribbles, while the other one has other scribbles on his own, and etc). This usually happens upon temporary ipad app closure, or after a few changes in a row, and it’s unclear how to reconcile both. I’m logging on the platform with the same user, then Lead via the ipad app+pen, while sharing the browser window on the PC with my conferencing software, so that I can 1/leverage the webcam on my laptop 2/the keyboard to chat with users if needs be and etc. To reconverge both sides I tried to close both on both ends (the app and the tab), and reconnecting, but it didn’t help. Eventually, by trial and error, editing on one end takes over as “source” of truth, and the other one follows. But very rarely they completely converge. There’s generally always something pending refresh, and i get them in sync after a few attempts. Ideas?

Hi, @qwerty

I’ve connected with our development team and am working to gather more information for you. We will share our findings as soon as we are able. Thank you for being so patient. :smiley:


@qwerty - The team assigned to your account notified me that they are meeting with you this week to help troubleshoot. In the meantime, if you have more to add about the experience, please share so we can keep track and help other Bluescapers who may be running into the issue.

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