Why can't I access my workspace from two devices?

It seemed to cause issues when I was logged into my workspace on my PC and also trying to log in on my ipad - perhaps it is because the same user is trying to join the meet from two devices?

Hi @mitch10!

You can open a workspace that you have access to from multiple devices. However, you can only join a meeting from one device at any given time.

Right. I’m used to accessing workspaces with multiple devices so I figured I’d try it out on my ipad - not sure if I need to be in a meeting multiple times haha

An exception might be if I’m trying to write on my ipad, while using my desktop to drive the meeting - that could be an issue.

You should be able to view and interact with the workspace from both device and be able to join meet from one device at a time.

A better workflow in the future would be:

  1. Enter the workspace using your tablet that you want to interact from
  2. Use your PC to enter the workspace (again) when running a meeting
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