How do I Change a Collaborator Role in a Workspace?


How do I change the role of an existing Collaborator in a workspace?

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Hi Alan_B1,

You can change a collaborator’s role from the Collaborators page. However, you can also change the role of a workspace collaborator from the workspace itself at any time. To do so:

  1. With the workspace open, click the Collaborators icon in the top right of the workspace.

  2. The Collaborators tray opens, displaying a list of current collaborators. Click the name of the user whose role you want to change.

  3. Click the collaborator’s current workspace role. A drop-down of workspace roles opens.

  4. Select the new role for the user.

  5. Click Save changes .
    A message appears at the top of the screen confirming that the collaborator’s role has been changed.