Hard to find the Leader in the Collaborators list

It is a good best practice for someone to “Lead” a workspace rather than for everyone in a meeting to “Follow” an individual.

This is not always the case though, so for the individual collaborators wanting to find and “Follow” someone, it would be great if there was a better way to navigate the Collaborators list.

When Auto follow leader is not toggled on and there is a long list of participants (a meeting I just finished had exactly 100 attendees :no_mouth:), how do you find that individual? If no one is following them yet, you can search for their name. If they are leading already, you’ll be able to see that next to their name. Still, both require that you scroll through the list, however long it is.

Maybe things would be more smooth if…

  • there was a search, sort, or filter option for the Collaborators list
  • the leader got auto-pinned to the top
  • there was an ‘invite someone to lead’ field where you can type a name and a list of recognized collaborators already in the workspace populates (like suggested searches in a search engine)
    Do you like one of those ideas or have other suggestions on how to improve this?