New Feature Request: Find User 🔍

New Feature Request: Find User

Hi Bluescape team - I had someone ask me if this feature existed, and to be honest i had never thought about it, but now that I have… I felt like I needed to share. Often, when collaborating in a workspace, User A is talking about an item that isn’t on User B’s screen. The existing fix is to have User B ‘follow’ User A. But this changes the default UI mode, and places a User B into “follow mode;” which means User B either has to know how to press escape in order revert back to edit/add content, or navigate back to the user list and “stop following” User A.

Having a “Find User” feature would allow User B to see what User A is talking about by jumping User B’s view to User A’s, but with out changing the mode or needing to have knowledge of how to ‘escape’ back to add content, or draw/write without fear of the leader panning away and drawing accidental lines across the workspace. (yes, this happens frequently).


Nate @ bcore

Hi Nate

Thanks for sharing. We are currently talking about the “follow” experience and there may end up being different ways of a user to bring another to their view. Stay tuned as we scope this and we will get your feedback.


A ticket has been created: [Discourse] New Feature Request: Find User :mag: