How Do I Add Anonymous Editors

Hello! I’m trying out Bluescape. I’ve shared anonymous links, but they do not appear to allow editing rights, just board view. It says that there’s an anonymous editor function - how do I enable this?

I’ll be working with lots of people who don’t need accounts and won’t be here permanently. Thanks!

Hi Rachele,

Currently, we only support the viewer role for anonymous link (public link) access as it requires licensing to edit workspaces.

We’ll investigate supporting editing capability for anonymous users in the future with our different packaging plans.

Thank you.

That’s too bad - you might want to remove that from your feature list on your pricing (see screen shot below).

Perhaps you can help me. I do training for groups who need to be able to participate and edit boards- add stickies, text, etc., but only on a very temporary basis. I’ll work with them for a few days and then they’ll be done.

What package would I need? They wouldn’t be part of a team.

Thanks so much!


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Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Do you, by chance, have a link to the page where you’re seeing that feature breakdown displayed?

It’s here: Pricing | Bluescape

Expand the Detailed Feature List and you’ll see it.

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Thanks for the feedback. We should make it clear that post-September release, we do allow anonymous users to edit a workspace during the meeting, but not editing offline in the workspace.
This will be my recommendation on how you can invite the group of participants who are not part of your team to edit during the meeting time.

edit the workspace during the meeting

Not sure I follow…is this like if I host a meeting on Bluescape instead of zoom or something?

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That’s correct while using Bluescape Meet.

The other option, in the meantime, is if you are currently signed up for the “Go” plan (Freemium tier), you could add participants as members/collaborators (Edit capability included) to your workspaces. Once your session with them finishes, or they are no longer required to “Edit/add” anything in workspace, you can then delete them as collaborators.

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