Help! Allow Workspace Editing is Disabled! Need this!

Hi - I am in the start of a 4-day workshop, using Bluescape. It seems like allowing the meeting participants to edit the workspace is now disabled? Can someone help me with this?


Hey, let’s see how fast we can get your event back on track.

The first question, have you checked what each participant’s workspace role is? Being a meeting attendee does not automatically grant permission to make edits to workspace content.

I hope that helps, @Rachele_Maurer.

They don’t have roles or logins - these are guest attendees.

Last week, guest attendees were able to edit workspaces while we were in meetings. I had a couple of long sessions (2 hours, half day) with the same group. What changed?

This is why my company decided to purchase a bluescape business account, this was key functionality, as we do training and coaching with lots of different people and orgs.

Hey @Rachele_Maurer,

Thank you for your patience. We are working to get the right teams involved to understand what may be causing your experience.

Can you please answer a few questions to provide us with more context:

  1. Do you have edit permissions for the workspace you’re hosting the meeting in? You can check this from the “Share” button in the workspace itself. Example: can you add a specific user and change their workspace role?

  2. What kind of meeting/workspace are you hosting/inviting your attendees from?

    • Is it from a personal meeting?
    • A meeting where attendees join an existing workspace?
    • Or a meeting created from the Outlook plugin?

Dependent on your case, we may have to dive deeper into your configuration. Thank you in advance.

Hello, @Rachele_Maure. After connecting with our support and product teams, we discovered you’re experiencing a cap placed recently (in our Sept. release) that allows up to 40 minutes of workspace editing during meetings.

I heard that a sales team member connected with you to discuss additional licenses for your organization. I’m sure together you’ll be able to get what you need.

Despite the day’s challenges, I hope day 1 of your workshop went well and that the rest of the week keeps getting better! Thank you again for your inquiry about this change.

Thanks, yes, they reached out and we discussed. Thanks for your help.

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