Hosting a Meeting from Bluescape

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Bluescape supports both scheduled meetings and ad hoc meetings. As a meeting organizer or host, you can choose which type of meeting you’d like to conduct at any given time.

With every Bluescape meeting, a workspace is generated so that participants can collaborate freely during the meeting. These workspaces can be either an existing workspace in your Personal Meeting Room (as shown below) or an automatically generated blank workspace. The type of workspace you see during the meeting depends on how you (as a host) invite your participants. Let’s explore.

Hosting an Ad Hoc Meeting

There are two ways to host an ad hoc meeting in Bluescape:

  • Host a meeting from Bluescape Home in your Personal Meeting Room
  • Host a meeting from an existing workspace

To invite members to an ad hoc meeting from Bluescape Home:

  1. Open Bluescape Home.
  2. Select New meeting.
  3. Your meeting room appears. Select the workspace in which you would like to host the meeting. Choose either a new Blank Workspace or an existing workspace.
  4. To provide the Your meeting room URL to an attendee, select the :copymeetingurl: (Copy meeting URL) button and send to attendees using your email or your preferred messaging service.
    Note: This can also be done after starting your meeting.
  5. Select your meeting options.
  6. Click Start meeting.

To invite members to an ad hoc meeting from a workspace:

  1. Go into the workspace you wish to host a meeting from.
  2. From the top right corner of the workspace, click the :video: (Start Call) icon.
  3. Follow the above steps 2-6 and wait for your participants to arrive. Collaborate in real-time in the existing workspace.

Note: If you host a meeting from inside an existing workspace, the meeting will be associated with that specific workspace that you started the meeting from.

Hosting a Scheduled Meeting

Schedule meetings faster with the Bluescape plugin for Outlook. With a click of a button, the plugin populates Bluescape meeting details so all you have to do is invite your desired participants.

Learn more: Scheduling a Bluescape Meeting in Outlook

You can schedule meetings and invite Bluescape members and guests to join.

To invite members to a scheduled meeting:

  1. Go to Bluescape Home.
  2. Click the New meeting button from the top banner in Bluescape Home. You can also press J on your keyboard (this is the shortcut to start a meeting).
  3. Click :call: (meeting dial-in options) icon. This makes the meeting accessible to dial-in participants.
  4. Click :copymeetingurl: (Copy meeting information) and paste all details in your desired meeting scheduling platform.
  5. Invite your desired Bluescape members and guests to participate in your scheduled meeting.
  6. When it’s time to meet, you and your participants select the Click here to join the meeting link from the meeting invite. This opens the meeting dialogue box.
  7. Select :settings: (Settings) to select your Microphone, Speaker, and Camera options and then click Done:
  8. You may also choose to enter the meeting with your camera off and/or your microphone on mute.
  9. When you’re ready, click Join meeting. You are now the host and can wait for your participants to arrive. As a host, you have more controls in the meeting including muting participants, letting people in from the waiting room, and more.

Note: By default, when you schedule a meeting, the workspace associated with the meeting is automatically generated as a new blank workspace, so you and your participants can collaborate freely.

As a host, you will have more controls in the meeting including muting participants, letting people in from the waiting room, and more. For more information: Host Controls for Bluescape Meetings

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If I host a meeting from an existing workspace, does that mean guests have permanent access to that workspace or is their access limited to the duration of the meeting? Thanks.

@Linda_Campbell1 If you add a guest to the workspace, they will have permanent access unless you expressly revoke it. Read about removing workspace collaborators in Sharing Your Workspace.

If you host a meeting in a workspace and never provide the external participants access to the workspace, they will be able to join the meeting; however, they will not be able to see the workspace.

Thanks for the quick reply @stefanieo … I have another question and I think I know the answer but haven’t been able to make this work yet… Instead of inviting peeps to my private workspace and then uninviting them after, can I copy a canvas and put it into a different meeting space? And if so, can you point me to instructions please? Thanks, Linda

Hi @Linda_Campbell1 all great questions! :slight_smile:

Yes, you can copy and paste canvases (and elements contained within) from one workspace to another through group selection. However, there is a limit to the number of elements that can be copied over from one workspace to another.

The limit is 250 elements (notecards, shapes, strokes, etc.). This may be the issue you are running into when attempting to copy and paste across workspaces.

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