Error message appears when attempting to add a team member from a blocked domain

In Bluescape, as the owner of an Enterprise workspace inside a team with at least one email domain blocked, with team members on a blocked domain, a “Blocked Domain…” message appears, and the Send/Invite function stops working.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Inside a team with at least one email domain blocked, log on as a workspace owner.
  2. Log on to Bluescape Home.
  3. Click on the Email field and manually input an email of one of the members whose email address matches a blocked domain.
  4. Select an email address from the suggestion.
  5. Close the Share dialog and launch it again.
  6. Copy/paste the email of a team member whose email address is on a blocked domain.
  7. Select it from Suggestion.

Expected result

The email selects once successfully. The Send invite button remains functional. No error message appears.

Observed result

The email appears in a red color type and is visible twice, once with the Email and once with the Name entries. The Send invite button disables. An error message appears regarding the blocked domain for Visitor. You are only able to select a team member using the auto-complete function.

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A ticket has been created: SSO/Blocked domain: Unable to add existing Team members as Workspace collaborators, if having same blocked email domain set for Visitors.

This issue is resolved in the 22.12.2 release.