Someone on my team cannot receive their invite from us

Someone on our team cannot receive our invites to their business email, while the rest of us had no issues. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

Hi @Jack_Mullin. Has your colleague checked their spam folder by chance? On rare occasions, Bluescape emails can be stuck there.

Also, did you double-check the spelling of their email address? I’ve had it before where I’ve accidentally misspelled an email address, and the system added a new guest to the workspace.

Yes he has and we made sure that we have the spelling right

If other team members are able to receive the emails and you are all a part of the same organization, this may be a local issue.

If the individual who has not received the emails is a member of a different company, then this could be caused by their server security blocking the emails.

In order to determine the root cause, I am going to open a support ticket for you. Our @support-team will be in contact with you shortly.

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