Changing Character Limits of Text Box

Is there a way to change the character limit in the text boxes? I use bluescape to do storyboarding and i keep getting limited to 2000 characters

Hi @Brandon_Carrell,

Would you be able to confirm what tool you are using in the workspace? Are you using notecards :notecard: or text boxes :text:?

The character limit for notecards and shapes is 2,000, while the character limit for text boxes is 10,000.

Im pretty sure im using textboxes. Whatever comes with the storyboard template.

Thank you for sharing the template you are using! The storyboard template uses shapes to create the outline. You can confirm this by selecting the shape and viewing the :shapes: (shapes) option on the object toolbar. This is why you are hitting the 2,000-character limit.

I recommend placing a text box over the shape to retain the square border provided in the template or replacing the shape with a text box. This way, you can leverage the increased character allotment.

We will look to update this template to make it more user-friendly. I can understand how you easily hit the character limit the way it is currently structured.

Gotcha let me give it a try.

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