Typing Vertically

In all workspaces, when I type my text is displaying vertically. It’s impossible to use- how do I fix this?

Hi @KathBrown thank you for bringing this to our attention!

Could you please provide us with a little bit more information?

  • What browser are you using when this happens?
  • Are you selecting the Text tool from the workspace toolbar and then typing your text?

If you could please share a screen recording that would be very helpful for me to take back to our respective teams to help understand why this might be occuring.

Thank you!

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One reason this may be happening is that your textbox width may have once been changed to the minimum width and Bluescape remembers this change. So when you start a new text box, in any workspace the minimum width text box became the default.

Potential solution: Can you try clicking the textbox and resizing its width by clicking and dragging the anchor points.

Here’s a quick demo:

Please let me know if this solves the issue you are experiencing. If not, please provide additional details as mentioned above and we can investigate further.

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