CANNOT release URL in canvas/workspace

Recurring issue this week - when I add a url as an asset, the new asset appears but will not release to paste to canvas/workspace. The asset stays attached to the cursor and moves whereever my mouse moves. I can toggle between pan and select but the url does still not release. Has happened about 4 times this week with different canvases and websites.

Hi @acdouglass, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. So I can bring as much information to our team as a possible, did you happen to refresh your browser after this occurred? If so, did that resolve the issue or was the pasted asset removed?

I’m using the mac app. It also happened a few minutes ago when I was trying to add text from the side toolbar.

Does not seem to happen when using the browser (chrome)

Thanks for the info, @acdouglass. To confirm - when you added text from the toolbars, were you trying to typic (or paste) in a URL or was this regular text?

Hi @acdouglass, We haven’t been able to reproduce what you are experiencing clearly, so I would like to open a support case to capture more details. Our team will be connecting with you shortly.

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