Bulk User Deletion Process

Note: The Bulk User Deletion process is only available to Instance Administrators. In order to complete the process, you must install the Bluescape CLI using the Node Package Manager.

  1. Open the Node Package Manager and use the following command:

$ npm install bluescape/bluescape-cli#latest -g

  1. Once Bluescape CLI has been installed you need to configure an instance using the command below:

$ bluescape config set instance

  1. Next, you need to log in to your Instance Administrator account. Use the command below and then enter your username and password:

$ bluescape login

  1. To confirm you are logged in to the correct account, Bluescape recommends requesting your current session user and instance using the who am I command:

$ bluescape whoami

  1. Next, you can reference the location of your locally stored CSV containing the email addresses of the users you want to delete.
  2. Update the file path in the script below to point to the location of your CSV file.
  3. You must also update the new-owner-id with the id of the user who you want to assign any workspaces to that are currently controlled by users about to be deleted:

$ bluescape user delete --from-csv=./sample/user_delete.csv --new-owner-id=zANz6n3RKfNXO01a36EY --force

  1. If you no longer need to bulk delete users you can uninstall the Bluescape CLI using the following command in the Node Package Manager:

$ npm uninstall @bluescape/cli -g

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