Attempting to join meeting in Safari fails if camera is off when admitted

Support Note
This topic outlines a known issue that members may encounter. The known issue has to do with the Amazon Chime SDK that Bluescape uses for meetings. Bluescape is aware of this issue.

This issue affects Safari users and prevents these users from joining a meeting if the camera is not on when being admitted into the meeting.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Safari user admits themselves into a meeting with their camera is off.
  2. The Safari user seems to be put into a separate meeting stating “Only you are here” and after a few minutes, a pop-up appears with the message “Poor Connection Detected. Consider using dial-in options.”
  3. The URL to the meeting link displays the same as the intended meeting but performs as two separate meetings.


View information about the temporary solution recommended by AWS.

Preferred temporary solution until the known issue is fixed by Amazon:

You can can fix it locally by allowing Safari’s Autoplay.

The specific steps are:

  1. Open your application in the Safari app on your Mac.
  2. Choose Safari > Settings for This Website. You can also Control-click in the Smart Search field, then choose Settings for This Website.
  3. Hold the pointer to the right of Auto-Play, then click the pop-up menu and choose the option:
  • Allow All Auto-Play: Allows videos on this website play automatically.