Embed url and Meet now button

If I use an embed URL the “Meet now” disappears, even if I open it in a new tab and out of an iframe.

I am wondering why? is it a bug? by adding allow="camera; microphone" property to iframe tag we can fix permission errors and video call should work in iframe as well

@Amerehei Can you please confirm which browser you are using? Could you please try in a Chrome incognito browser?

@Kat_G I use latest version of Chrome in Mac. I have tested incognito mode as well.
Not only me but also other team members has same issue in other browsers like Firefox and Safari

It’s not related to browser

If you change url from




the “Meet now” button disappears

@Amerehei I have been working with our Engineering team. Currently by design the “Meet Now” is removed when using “embed” within the Url.

Our team is looking to enable the ability for the “Meet Now” to work when using the “embed” within the Url. The fix is tentatively scheduled to be in our December release.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to assist.

When will the December release be?

Hi @Amerehei the December release is currently scheduled for the evening of the 14th. We will make sure to update you if timelines shift for the fix.

@Amerehei The December release is now scheduled for Wednesday, December 20th. I can confirm the fix has been tested by our team and will be included in the release.

Hi Stefanieo

Thanks for letting me know.
We are looking forward to it


@Amerehei The fix was deployed with the release (23.12.1) this morning. :slight_smile:

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