Accept New iPhone HEIC Image Format

Accepting HEIC image formats from iPhones would be really helpful so they do not need to be converted. To use on a Bluescape board.

Screen Shot 2023-05-18 at 09.53.10

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Hello there, @Chase_Wing. This is a great point to bring up. As I’m personally not an iPhone user, the last time I heard about this file type was 2 years ago. I’m sure you’re glad that more and more applications are improving to be compatible with this file type.

I’ve reached out to our team with this feedback.

For a better understanding of your workflow, could you clarify whether you use Bluescape workspaces from a browser on your iPhone, or are you using our mobile app? Also, when you said…

…were you referring to the Bluescape Wall client, our new Large Screen Touch Display application? Thanks. :smile:

Sure, no problem @michellefs.

I typically use the browser app within the Brave browser. I also use the Mac desktop app as well from time to time, but being a developer constantly running at the top 95% of my 32gb of physical RAM with the local app taking close go 1GB I tend to lean more on the browser app to help manage my memory instead.

iPhone natively takes HEIC to more efficiently compress high resolution images. My work flow is send image to desktop via Air Drop and then drag and drop in to the browser Bluescape session. However I’ll need to export/convert that HEIC to jpeg or png first as Bluescape does not currently accept HEIC, which is not complicate, but an extra step.

Hopefully that helps clarify my use case.