"You have successfully deleted your workspaces" Email Appears after Discarding an Unedited Meeting Workspace

In Bluescape, after you discard an unedited meeting workspace, a “You have successfully deleted your workspaces” email sends to the organizer.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Access Bluescape Home.
  2. Start your personal meeting
  3. In the workspace picker, select the Blank Workspace option.
  4. Start the meeting.
  5. Do no make any changes to the workspace.
  6. End the meeting.
  7. After a few minutes check your account email.

Expected result

No email arrives after discarding a blank workspace.

Observed result

An email arrives stating that You have successfully deleted your workspaces.

This issue is resolved in the March 2023 (23.03.1) Bluescape release.